Ground Team

All Psalm 37:3 programs are run by incredible volunteers. We couldn't be where we are now without these incredible people pouring into your community!


Mentor Spotlight
Mr. Chuck and Mrs. Beth

Mr. Chuck and Mrs. Beth are absolute ROCKSTARS! They have been volunteers with us from the start and pour into our homeless youth daily with their help and service. We are so proud to have incredible volunteers like Mr. Chuck and Mrs. Beth. 

We could not have the impact that we have as an organization without this awesome team. Their love for our students shows daily in their interactions and we are so blessed to have their valuable time!

What do they do?

Mr. Chuck is our lead Sports and Discipleship Counselor and has done some incredible work with and in our Students. He teaches them the importance of teamwork, trust, loyalty, and respect through basketball, boating, mechanics, and biblical knowledge. 

Mrs. Beth is our Lead Arts and Growth Counselor and is teaching the our children what it means to work together to reach a common goal! Through fun projects she teaches our Students the fruits of the spirit!



The Homeless Coalition

Swamp Haven

Dark Fiber Systems

Coconut Barrel

WFOY 102.1


Rev. Leslie Akin

Senior Leadership and Board of Trustees

Our local programs are directed by Mrs. Sarah Peebles. She is led by our pastoral and outreach Leadership team at Luke 10:27 in Denham Springs, LA. If you would like more information on our Senior Leadership and Pastoral Leadership, please check out their website at The Board of Psalm 37:3 is based in Denham Springs LA and governs our Florida Chapter. This board is filled with incredible men and women of God that impact the world with their love and generosity. 

Rev. Leslie Akin
Pastor and Founder

Kathy Haggar
LANDers Director

Danielle McCants
YAA Director

Sarah Peebles
Regional Director